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ISO 45001

Elevating Workplace Safety and Employee Well-being

ISO 45001 is a globally recognized standard that defines the requirements for implementing an efficient occupational health and safety management system (OHSMS). It offers organizations a structured framework to safeguard the well-being of employees, prevent workplace injuries, and create a culture of safety. By embracing ISO 45001, organizations can enhance workplace conditions, reduce occupational hazards, and ensure legal compliance, thereby fostering a safer and healthier work environment.

Benefits of ISO 45001 Certification

ISO 45001 Certification redefines workplace safety, fostering a secure environment for employees. It enhances compliance, minimizes risks, elevates reputation, and boosts productivity. By prioritizing safety, organizations ensure well-being and reap the rewards of a fortified workforce and resilient operations. Few among these are listed below.

Employee Well-being

Demonstrates a commitment to employee safety and health

Reduced Workplace Accidents

Mitigates risks, minimizing incidents and injuries

Compliance Assurance

Ensures conformity with occupational health and safety regulations

Enhanced Reputation

Builds trust with employees, stakeholders, and the community

Improved Productivity

Boosts morale, leading to increased efficiency and output

Cost Savings

Reduces compensation claims, medical expenses, and downtime

Legal Compliance

Helps meet legal obligations, avoiding penalties and legal issues

Workforce Engagement

Involves employees in safety initiatives, fostering a safety culture

Journey to Achieve ISO 45001 Certification

Gap Analysis
Begin by meticulously evaluating your existing safety practices. Identify areas that demand enhancement and align them with the requisites of ISO 45001 to ensure a seamless transition.
Forge a robust foundation by crafting a comprehensive Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) manual. Develop policies and procedures that intricately outline safety objectives and practices.
Infuse your organization with a safety-first ethos. Convey OHSMS objectives to your entire workforce. Impart training and ensure steadfast adherence. Leadership's active participation is paramount to foster a culture of safety.
Internal Audit
Navigate through the labyrinth of OHSMS compliance systematically. Conduct audits that uncover both compliance and non-conformities. Unveil areas needing improvement and enact pragmatic corrective actions.
Corrective Actions
When addressing non-conformities, delve deep into the root causes through diligent root cause analysis. Implement corrective measures that are not just effective but sustainable, ensuring long-term safety enhancement.
Management Review
Embark on periodic assessments of your OHSMS performance. Scrutinize its adequacy and effectiveness to fine-tune any nuances that may surface during the journey.
Certification Body Selection
Select your partner in safety wisely. Opt for an accredited certification body with proven prowess in ISO 45001 audits, ensuring a smooth certification process.
Stage 1 Audit
Lay the groundwork for certification by evaluating the readiness of your OHSMS. This preliminary audit sets the stage for what lies ahead in the certification journey.
Stage 2 Audit
Plunge into a comprehensive assessment of your OHSMS. Scrutinize its effectiveness, compliance, and overall implementation to ascertain alignment with ISO 45001 standards.
Non-Conformity Resolution
If non-conformities surface during the audit, address them with precision. Through methodical resolution, ensure that your OHSMS aligns perfectly with ISO 45001 requisites.
Certification Decision
Based on the audit findings and resolution of non-conformities, OEQ team make a decision on whether to grant ISO 14001 certification to the organization.

Do You Want To Transfer Your ISO Certificate

As per ISO rule, you can transfer you existing ISO certificate from one certification body to another at any point of time. The existing certification body can not hold this transfer. If you like to know more about transfer please contact us.