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ISO 14001

Environmental Management System

ISO 14001 is a globally recognized standard that sets out the requirements for implementing an effective environmental management system (EMS). It offers organizations a robust framework to address environmental impacts, promote sustainable practices, and demonstrate commitment to environmental responsibility. By embracing ISO 14001, organizations can achieve environmental objectives, reduce their carbon footprint, and enhance their reputation as environmentally responsible entities.

Benefits of ISO 14001 Certification

ISO 14001 certification offers a range of benefits, including enhanced environmental stewardship, improved compliance with regulations, optimized resource utilization, strengthened reputation, streamlined operations, reduced environmental risks, global recognition, and attracting environmentally conscious stakeholders. Few among these are listed below.

Enhanced Compliance

Ensures compliance with environmental regulations and laws

Resource Optimization

Identifies opportunities for resource conservation and waste reduction.

Improved Reputation

Builds trust with stakeholders and enhances the brand's environmental image

Operational Efficiency

Optimizes processes to minimize environmental impact

Risk Mitigation

Identifies and manages environmental risks for better resilience

Global Recognition

Attracts environmentally conscious clients and stakeholders worldwide

Innovation Catalyst

Sparks innovation in eco-friendly practices and solutions

Competitive Edge

Sets organizations apart by showcasing responsible environmental practices

The Journey to Achieve ISO 14001 Certification

Gap Analysis
Conduct a thorough assessment of existing environmental practices to identify areas for improvement and compliance with ISO 14001 requirements.
Develop a comprehensive Environmental Management System (EMS) manual, policies, and procedures that outline the organization's commitment to environmental stewardship.
Roll out the EMS throughout the organization, ensuring employees understand and embrace environmentally friendly practices.
Internal Audit
Conduct internal audits to evaluate EMS effectiveness, identify non-conformities, and implement corrective actions.
Corrective Actions
Address identified non-conformities through root cause analysis and implement corrective measures.
Management Review
Regularly review EMS performance to ensure its suitability and effectiveness.
Certification Body Selection
Choose an accredited certification body experienced in ISO 14001 audits.
Stage 1 Audit
The initial audit conducted by us to evaluate the readiness of the organization's EMS documentation, processes, and implementation for certification.
Stage 2 Audit
A comprehensive audit by us to assess the organization's EMS effectiveness, including a review of records, interviews with personnel, and on-site observations, to determine compliance with ISO 9001 requirements.
Non-Conformity Resolution
We will address any non-conformities or areas of improvement identified during the external audit, implement corrective actions, and provide evidence of their effectiveness.
Certification Decision
Based on the audit findings and resolution of non-conformities, OEQ team make a decision on whether to grant ISO 14001 certification to the organization.

Do You Want To Transfer Your ISO Certificate

As per ISO rule, you can transfer you existing ISO certificate from one certification body to another at any point of time. The existing certification body can not hold this transfer. If you like to know more about transfer please contact us.